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to make a difference today.

Become a Member

CAPS is a coalition of churches and Christian organizations who jointly fund and direct CAPS. Member churches or organizations contribute financially to CAPS, act as members of the Board, provide volunteers, and collaborate with CAPS to share information and resources. You can make a difference today by joining forces with CAPS to bring real relief to Suffolk residents in need.

Night Stay Opportunities

The CAPS Night Stay Program gives people experiencing homelessness a safe and warm place to spend the night during the cold winter months. There are a couple of ways you can get involved.

Become a Host Church

Host churches provide space for sleeping, eating and programs. They coordinate volunteers who prepare food, have fellowship events, provide security and do set up and clean up. A mobile shower unit is available for churches who do not have shower facilities.

Become a Partner

If your church is unable to host Night Stay at your location, you can partner with another church to provide volunteers, food, and help.
When Gary he lost his income, he found himself facing a cold winter on the streets. CAPS’s Night Stay Program provided housing and food to Gary but it also provided love and support. Over weeks of a cold winter, Gary formed relationships with church volunteers and with other people facing homelessness. He began working on his resume, applying to jobs and working to get his feet back under him. A year and a half later, Gary ran into a night stay volunteer at the restaurant where he worked. He remembered her from his stay at her church and asked if he could give her a hug. Gary had found a job and secured a stable home and had great pride in how far God had brought him.
Jerome was struggling to make ends meet and fell behind on rent. CAPS staff connected him to a local work program where he could earn income, begin to build his resume, and learn new skills. Jerome immediately took advantage of the opportunity and with bus vouchers from CAPS, he began to work part time. Jerome now has obtained a second part time job and is pursuing greater financial stability.

Volunteer or Work for CAPS

Can you fix a car? Help with house repairs? We can use you! Join our volunteer team and we will contact you when one of our clients has a need that you may be able to help with. Our efforts to alleviate poverty in Suffolk are only possible through a growing force of volunteers willing to use their skills and time to show love to their neighbors in need.

Volunteer Openings

Want to be a part of a great cause in our community? Join our team! Download the position description below and see if you might be a good fit. If you are interested, please download and fill out the volunteer application below and email it to gro.kloffuspac@rotcerid.

Job Openings

If there are current employment opportunities they will be listed below. Please download the PDF for details. For inquiries and applications for this position, please contact gro.kloffuspac@rotcerid.
Your donation will help a family get off the street and into a home. Your gift will help provide jobs and set individuals on a path to success. You can make a difference right now.