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Fighting Poverty Starts Here

“Creating a partnership would prevent individuals from becoming dependent on handouts and would enable us all to better manage our congregations’ funding.”

The Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk has served over 900 (as of June 2015) individuals since we began in August of 2012. When CAPS receives requests for assistance, the staff assesses the situation, discusses financial issues, talks with the individual about long-term solutions, prays with the individual and assists financially if appropriate. CAPS partners with local help agencies, creating a network that ensures individuals are served in the best way possible. In addition to providing crisis assistance, CAPS started the Night Stay Program as a rotating shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness during winter months. Churches come together to host homeless guests and provide food, shelter and safety during the coldest months of the year. CAPS works with these individuals to help them find long-term housing and financial stability.

Our Mission

CAPS is a group of churches and organizations working together for poverty alleviation and community development. By sharing resources, information and support our efforts are synergized for the development of our city.

Our Vision

We envision Suffolk churches and organizations united and empowered to accomplish Christ’s commission. We envision individuals and families living with dignity as they participate in CAPS ministries and experience holistic gospel transformation.


These member churches are our faithful partners making CAPS a success. Ready to become a partner church?

Our Team

These men and women help coordinate CAPS efforts so that we can work well together.

Cheryl Griffin, Night Stay Coordinator/Assistant to the Services Coordinator
Majdah Schiavi , Director

CAPS Working Group
Hayden Blythe, Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church, President
Dillard Horton, Main St. United Methodist Church, Vice President
Mary Sue Rawls, James River Christian Church, Treasurer
Susan Draper, First Baptist Church, Secretary
David McKercher, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Vice President of Membership Development
Emily Arters, Fundraising Coordinator
Mary Alice Dorschel, Volunteer Coordinator

Special Thanks

We’d like to give our special thanks to these people and groups who help make CAPS possible.

  • Obici Healthcare Foundation

    Thank you for providing grant funding for office equipment, web design, printed materials and a mobile shower unit. Visit website

  • Family and Friends of Nick Leverone

    Thank you for raising thousands of dollars in memory of Nick who always fought for the under-dog.

  • Anderson & Anderson, CPA

    Thank you for going out of your way to help us establish best financial practices and for coaching us through it. Visit website

  • Cross Realty

    Thank you for the perfectly-located office space. Visit website

  • Modern Woodmen of America

    Thank you for matching funds in our 2015 fundraiser. Visit website

Night Stay Program

Host Churches
Individuals Served

Every night individuals and families experience homelessness in Suffolk. Every night these people–our neighbors–deal with hunger, insecurity, discomfort and fear. Every night there is an opportunity to show love to our neighbors.

The Night Stay Program enables congregations located anywhere in Suffolk to open their facilities and provide food and shelter for individuals or families who would normally spend their nights sleeping on the streets, in cars or perhaps in empty buildings or the woods. The site of CNSP rotates among host churches on a weekly basis.

Each scheduled week of CNSP one church location provides shelter, meals, resources, security and fellowship to those experiencing homelessness. Transportation to and from the host location will be provided at a centralized downtown location. Doors are open from 6:30 PM to 7:00 AM. All services are provided by volunteers.

View the Current Night Stay Schedule

Get Shelter

Overnight shelter, meals, safety, prayer and fellowship will be provided to individuals and families during winter months. Shelter opens at 6:30 pm. Doors close at 9:00 pm unless you have made prior provisions with the host church. Shelter closes at 7:00 am daily.

For those without a vehicle, transportation to the host church will be provided from the Suffolk Seaboard Train Museum, 326 N. Main St. Bus leaves for Host location at 6:30 every evening. Homeless with cars welcomed. Must meet nightly at intake location.

We are unable to provide these services to sex offenders or individuals with alcohol or drugs in their system.

Contact Cheryl Griffin, Night Stay Coordinator at 757-286-9126 or nightstay@capsuffolk.org.

Call 757-935-5497
for more information.

Wondering How You Can Help?

Become a host church, a partner, or donate to make a difference right now. Click the button to find out how you can be a part of the Suffolk Night Stay Program.

CAPS is funded by contributions of churches and individuals. Your generosity could keep a family from getting evicted, provide emergency shelter, connect a widow’s utilities or assist someone in a difficult time. Your donations are tax deductible.

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